20 - Roasted Peppers

I used to roast peppers over the burner. Now I just put them in the broiler (I don't even add oil), and try to remember to turn them so they just get a thin layer of crisp black burnt skin on the outside--and don't turn into horrible charred lumps. I should say that all these roasted vegetables--at least in this olive oiled oven iteration are relatively recent--since I've been living alone--and I think I started making them because they were so very quick and easy. They’re also a perfect solution for saving any vegetable that might be getting a bit too old in the fridge One of the main woes of many of us who live alone, especially if we once cooked for multitudes, is we really don't know how to shop for one person. Given the enticements of farmers' markets, it is very hard not to overbuy.
So--my solution--ROAST ROAST ROAST. Olive oil and salt. The salt can come later--and then--depending on season and desires you can add lemon juice.
But that is digression—back to the peppers—pop them into a plastic bag to let them steam—so the skin comes off even more easily—you can also hold under running water to peel—sometimes it’s easier, sometimes harder. Cut the peeled peppers into strips, add a few cloves thinly sliced garlic and dress with a bit of white vinegar. Excellent in salads, with cheese, whatever.

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