3 - Migas- Tortillas and Eggs

I first had migas at Jackie Pine's house on Aldie Street in Allston cooked by Gail Caldwell--recently arrived from Austin, Texas in 1978.
It was spring, but still felt like winter in Boston. Visiting from California, where we had moved a little over a year before, we were amazed to have already forgotten leafless trees and grim gray skies. During the many years we had lived in Somerville I’d never thought of it as an unattractive place. I’d known it wasn’t as charming and historic as Brattle Street and other posh Cambridge neighborhoods, but I thought it held its own, and barely registered those long winters. Now, arriving from the shores of the Pacific, I couldn't believe that people actually lived in these dreary climes.

This breakfast, imported from Texas, must have cheered us considerably. I’m still making it after thirty years.

Break eight eggs, beat slightly, add salt and pepper--set aside.

Cut eight corn tortillas--preferably stale--into more or less one inch pieces--you can cut them neatly with a knife, or tear them--no matter.

Chop two large or three small onions--sauté over low heat--once they start cooking--add the tortilla pieces. Stir a bit--everything should be slightly cooked.

Drain tortillas and onions and add to egg mixture.
Add chopped cilantro if you feel like it.

Melt two tablespoons (more or less) butter in pan--when it foams--add egg mixture--cook, stirring, until it reaches the egg-doneness that makes you happiest.

Serve with salsa. You can of course buy one of the ten million available varieties, or you could make your own--chopping tomatoes, onions, a bit of jalapeno pepper, cilantro, and garlic--and adding salt and pepper. Very easy and it seems to work whatever combo you use.

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