27 - Southern Style Greens

I began cooking this as part of a traditional New Year’s good luck meal. Eaten with black-eyed peas and rice--it's meant to ensure ample wealth and prosperity in the coming year. In times of economic distress, they should probably be eaten monthly, if not weekly.

Sauté one or two chopped onions in olive oil (if you choose the meat option- chop a few slices of bacon and cook with the onions--not letting them get crispy). Throw in a couple of smashed garlic cloves (that would be peeled cloves of garlic crushed with the broad side of a knife)--and to provide a bit of vegetable smokiness--a chopped chipotle pepper (good substitute for the bacon).

Cook a couple of minutes--until onions are soft. Add thoroughly washed chopped greens--any mixture you want--collards, kale, mustard, turnips, beet greens. They'll all work--either alone or separately. Cook for about an hour. If your greens are young and tender, it might be much quicker. Add salt and pepper. Serve.

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